Information and Web-Content Management

Nonprofit organizations are sitting on an untapped set of resources in their members, and in the programming they generate. Corporate entities regularly think about cataloging, serving up, repackaging, reselling, re-purposing their assets, yet less so in the nonprofit realm. Every person that the organization touches, every program that is created, every meeting that is held represents an opportunity to generate content that the organization can use as an information asset/intellectual property. Information Assets/IP includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Demographic information
  • Communication channels (email, tel, fax, mobile texts, listserves, in-person meetings)
  • Proceedings of meetings – Video/Audio/Documents/Transcripts
  • Committee & Working Group collaborations
  • Market Studies & Analysis
  • Focus Group & Survey creation & results
  • Physical & gifted assets
  • Unique programming and services

These valuable “information” assets, the results of the “work” of the organization, can be spun into products and services that are valuable in the marketplace to:

  • Individual Members & Non-Members
  • Companies
  • Sponsors
  • Partners
  • Media Outlets & Reporters
  • Trade/Industry Groups & Other Professional Associations
  • Foundations
  • Government

Strong nonprofit organizations understand that there is potential in each of their contacts, leaders, and in each of their activities. Likewise, there must be a plan in place, and resources committed to the identification, management, and cultivation of content, information assets, and intellectual property in each class of “intellectual” assets. Without a Content/IP development & marketing/sales plan, and resources to execute said plan, the nonprofit organization will fail to reach its full potential, and will let valuable assets and enthusiasm & knowledge slip away to other organizations. Just as in nature, nonprofit energy is neither created nor destroyed… if unharnessed by your organization, it will simply move to another.

Successful nonprofits have processes in place that capture activities, knowledge, relationships, intellectual resources, and institutional experience – turning them into intellectual property. They seek ways to monetize that intellectual property – turning knowledge into real dollars that can support the mission of the organization. Intellectual assets that cannot be easily monetized can nevertheless improve the internal efficiency, effectiveness, & productivity of an organization – can be leveraged for the future, repackaged as needed to serve new projects and a new pool of leaders, workers, volunteers.

Like all other assets that they want to see grow, organizations must “invest” in its content/IP development, including:

  • Content Capture
  • Content Analysis
  • Content Future R&D
  • Content Delivery
  • Leadership Mapping
  • Industry/Market Mapping
  • Issue Mapping
  • Constant evaluation of the Org’s Vision, Mission, Goals
  • Collaboration Systems
  • Information Systems
  • Communication Systems

While it is true that not all content & intellectual property has equal value, that which is not captured, examined, evaluated, and nurtured can never be grown or leveraged for the future.

VMG Service Offerings
Information Management

VMG is committed to working with organizations to develop an information and web-content management program that includes:

  • Asset Assessment
  • Staff & Program Energy Distribution
  • Content & Consumption Policies, Development & Assessment
  • Information Management, Development & Assessment
  • Privacy & Legal
  • Working Group/Special Interest Group Management, Development & Assessment
  • Content Development
  • Program & Services Development

Knowledge/Content Management & Planning

  • Continuity of Operations (COOP) Planning
  • Document Management
  • Online Collaboration
  • Portal Development
  • Customer Resource Management (CRM) Systems
  • Management Information Systems
  • Web 2.0
  • Interactive Member & Nonmember Services
  • Social Media/Networking

Content Partners Management & Planning

  • Drawing Content & Knowledge Out of Members
  • Drawing Content & Knowledge Out of Donors/Contributors
  • Drawing Content & Knowledge Out of Vendors
  • Drawing Content & Knowledge Out of Media/Press
  • Drawing Content & Knowledge Out of Partners
  • Drawing Content & Knowledge Out of Exhibitors
  • Drawing Content & Knowledge Out of Community Leaders
  • Drawing Content & Knowledge Out of Nonmembers
  • Partner Information Sharing Systems