Our Values

Our Team

Our Values Statement

VMG is committed to collaborating and consulting with mission-driven organizations that are positioned for growth within their current marketplace.  VMG professional partnerships strive to:

  • Deliver best-in-market services that surpass the expectations of your customers and membership
  • Design high quality programs, and not just plan events
  • Maximize professional relationships, both internally with members and staff and externally with partners and clients
  • Focus on the end-user from a multi-dimensional perspective
  • Approach the organization’s future in a very strategic and methodical manner
  • Integrate models that create sustainability and success for your organization 

Core Services Offerings

VMG Service Offerings target solutions that help your organization:

  • Develop a process that defines its current position and long-term direction. Strategic Planning determines where an organization is going over the next few years, how you are going to get there, and how you will measure and achieve success
  • Develop a vision, mission, and goals that allow the organization to remain relevant in dynamic markets. Your organization should engage in Program Research and Development that evaluates the delivery and effectiveness of its programs and services
  • Develop mutually beneficial relationships with like-minded organizations and corporate partners. Successful organizations do not operate in a vacuum. You should establish a Relationship Management program that strengthens your ties with external constituents, and builds reciprocal trust
  • Develop Financial Management structures that involve planning for the future of your business operation. Financially sound organizations understand current capabilities and have the flexibility to allocate valued resources amongst competing opportunities
  • Develop a solid Marketing Communications Strategy that understands existing audiences, and the effective marketing and communications strategies that reach them. You must continually educate, motivate and reinforce loyalty to your organization and brand by sending a consistently clear message
  • Develop a Competitive Market Analysis that evaluates the interconnectivity of the service provider and the customers within your market. You should understand the forces that motivate and drive success for your stakeholders
  • Develop the untapped resources in terms of their intellectual assets, their human capital, their programs and their services. Information Asset Management is critical in today’s technology-driven markets, helping to keep your organization in front of your constituents and market trends
  • Develop a Leadership and Human Capital Management plan, and commit the resources required for successful implementation. Human Capital represents more than your employees and staff. Just as in nature, human energy is neither created nor destroyed… if unharnessed by your organization it will simply move to another
  • Develop an Organization Design that integrates the Human Capital in the organization with its Vision, Mission, and Goals. Define the formal relationships among the organization’s leadership, staff, and volunteers, in order to define how individual efforts contribute to delivering high-quality programs and services