Program Research & Development

Program Research and Development (PRD) is an organization's way to stay focused on the vision, mission, and goals, plan for the changing future in your market and with your target audiences, and keep the organization relevant.  The organization should also be engaged in evaluating the delivery and effectiveness of current programs/services, while developing a pipeline of programs/services that will be offered to customers in the future.

It can be challenging to find time to focus on program research and development. Organizations are often so focused on delivering the daily services to their clients and completing short-term goals that they neglect to adequately prepare for the future.  Designing built-in systems and procedures for research and development allows the organization to look at the market in terms of new opportunities, demands, and resources needed.

There are various approaches to PRD, and that process should take place in tandem with your strategic planning process. The two should have a shared vision and work in concert at all times. Organizations should approach PRD in a methodical and structured way that engages both its human and financial capital.

PRD is important to an organization due to a variety of benefits:

  • Reviewing current programs and researching new opportunities allows for long-term strategic planning
  • PRD forces the organization to look internally and validate how it is delivering key programs and services
  • The process helps in diversifying capabilities, revenue streams, and services offered to the marketplace
  • Organization Leadership can develop strategies that build upon the success of current activities, services, and legacies
  • The process encourages the organization to look at the health of their organization based on sound evaluation

It is important for organizations to invest in a strong program research and development plan. Neglecting a long-term perspective on this area could result in many of the following outcomes:

  • The organization becomes stagnant in the marketplace and with its clients
  • There is a lack of adequate resources to sustain your current position or competitive edge
  • Leadership implements reactionary strategies for providing needed services and capturing the largest market share
  • The organization experiences higher turnover of human capital and resources due to burn-out and unclear or undesirable professional opportunities
  • The current structure and procedures stifle ideas and forward progression, limiting the ability to take advantage of new opportunities within the marketplace

VMG Service Offerings
Program Research & Development

VMG is committed to working with organizations to develop a program research and development program that:

  • Re-positions the organization on a clear mission, vision, and goals
  • Develops a plan that identifies existing and required resources for long-term sustainability
  • Identifies the changing demographics in the marketplace based on sound data
  • Creates a process to help the organization remain relevant, while empowering its human capital to understand their role in bringing ideas to the table
  • Maximizes capital assets in achieving the highest results in the marketplace and from its members